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2012-12-13, 12:22 AM
Hi guys,

Started working on the next release, will have basic mobile support in there (modelling this after the for the record iphone app, want the guide to be very similar to that, its a nice epg for smarthphone).

If anyone has any requests now's the time.

This will likely be the last alpha, and then it will go into beta.

2012-12-13, 06:54 PM
I guess the iPhone app should offer about the day-to-day needs for a mobile NPVR interface... or at least there were/are not that much of open wishlists that I am aware of... but for the topic: "Native Streaming"

-> streaming of recordings
-> streaming of live television channels
-> time-shifted viewing

Personally, I'd like to be able to select the source of play-back: could be streaming to the mobile device or opening up NPVR and watch it on the TV... a bit of a remote control...

2012-12-13, 07:07 PM
its not a native app, just a web app so will work on any smartphone. but this does mean no streaming (maybe a way around this in the future, but def not for the beta).

i will just have a complete scrolling guide, ability to manage your recordings (pending, available, recurring).

i will never work on a native iphone app, i am likely to make a native windows phone 8 app in the future, but for now concentrating on web based one so works on all devices.

2012-12-13, 07:27 PM
Reven, You might re-title this thread to dictate it's about the next Web Console release. so it isn't confusing to those who use the "New Posts" Link.

2012-12-13, 08:08 PM

2012-12-15, 01:06 AM
I'm running from the code on GitHub, but am only getting a very basic modelled mobile interface - is there a way to switch this off?

2012-12-15, 06:27 AM
I'm running from the code on GitHub, but am only getting a very basic modelled mobile interface - is there a way to switch this off?

yeah dont run aganist development code :P

but seriously, dont run against that code, theres no new features in the github that arent in the alpha (except im working on the mobile site, easier to force mobile so I can use chrome to test it)

2013-01-11, 04:29 PM
Is this something you are still working on? I just got pointed to it the other day and I am looking forward to trying it out. The NEWA addon has some good functionality, but looking at your screenshots I prefer the look an layout of this project.

2013-01-12, 06:17 AM
yup still working on it, christmas/new years period just was busy so development slowed.

you can see on github ive been checking stuff in over the past week.

2013-01-13, 09:34 AM
just realised you might not see my check ins if you dont notice the "angular.js" branch.

im switching from knockoutjs and jqueryui to angular and bootstrap.

reasons for angular over knockoutjs
- angular is by google, and has more active development.
- angular really separates out the gui code (in html) from the logic code (in javascript) and you dont need to wrap everything in ko.obversables like you do with knockout.
- far less code using angular, you're not doing any javascript code like $('#button').click(function(){ blah blah blah }); infact you shouldnt do any selection of html elements in your javascript "Controllers".
- you can unit test your javascript with angular
- easy to make a single page app with angular
- managed to use a template for the guide, and bind json data to it to construct the guide page. no longer need to render it on the server and return HTML, angulars templating engine is a lot faster than knockouts one.

reason for boostrap over jqueryui
- looks a lot nicer
- thats about it, both have large support, but people are favouring bootstrap these days due to fact it just looks so nice (jqueryui was cool, and easy to use, but always kinda ugly). however the current theme im using for jqueryui is a boostrap theme.

single page app pros
its quicker, since you download the core html/js/css/images once and then only part of the page changes. previously everything was mostly cached, but the browser still had to contact the server to ask if a resource had changed. also you were always downloading the base html (header, footer, menu etc)

ive done some work on the mobile client, but only have a windows phone to test against, and when i did get a hold of an iphone i noticed the scrolling doesnt work in it (well known issue with iOS safari and scrolling), work great on windows phone 8 though :)

the next release will likely be another alpha, just due to the angular changes, and will only have very partial mobile support.

2013-01-13, 04:42 PM
I look forward to the next alpha. I have an iPod 3rd gen and android device to test the mobile version on.