View Full Version : Negative minutes padding gone?

2012-12-14, 06:45 AM

I have update NextPVR from PVR 2.5.9 Patches R1 to include the patches up to #20.
Also updated TV Listing cause I could not put negative minutes in manual recording ?
After the update I could put negative minutes in the manual recording ... but now I can no longer create recording with negative minutes or update existing one!

It looks like the negative minutes Padding is gone?
or could patch #19 did something?
Improve UI descriptions of recurring recording types: http://forums.gbpvr.com/showthread.p...000#post446000

2012-12-14, 06:57 AM
I should probably let alibert answer since you posted in his forum, but as for NextPVR itself it's never been possible to specify negative padding (despite requests for such support). I had seen it mentioned that TV Listings (and maybe NEWA too) allowed it, but I suspect it was something of a hack and perhaps has caused some problems if a recording that had negative padding was then viewed or edited using the stock Recordings app (I'm pretty sure I recall a thread to that effect).

2012-12-14, 08:06 PM
Looks like I overwrote TV Listings.db3 when I installed the TVListings plugin.
I stopped NextPVR, I revert TV Listings.db3 to an earlier version, restarted NextPVR and the negative minutes are back ... :0) Strange. I will see later after a EPG update.

Neg minutes padding is a 'major' feature when you record as you want to cut some show early and have some other start a minute late to let some room for the important recording.
It is easier to manage negative minutes than to create 3 manual recordings (pre show, important show, next show).

This is also because on my system with a dual tuner card a Wsb tuner, NextPVR will often continue recording the show and start recording from a different channel on the same tuner!
Very strange behaviour ... you see two channels on the same tuner ... in fact the first recording is just aborted and it switch channel for the new show. I prevent this behavior by programming negative minutes on the other non important recording.

As a matter of fact, NextPVR may crash if you update a recording containing neg min with the stock Recordings app, but the TV Recording app handle them nicely. As the manual recording only let you set time in 10min increments, the padding probably had to have negative minutes to handle all case.