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2013-02-02, 05:42 AM
Hi Guys,

been quiet in here for a while, just thought I'd report my progress

I'm about half way through swapping out knockoutjs to angularjs and jqueryui for bootstrap (still using some jqueryui)

progress has been a little slow because

- Christmas
- New Years
- My brothers wedding/stag do
- I'm building my first house, so spent lots of time networking it up etc, and running around sorting stuff out for it

Also there has been much demand for this on the forums, so I figure I can just take my time as not many people really want to use it anyway :)

At my new house I will be installing a server in a cabinet, which will be a completely headless unit, so personally I won't be using nextpvr app for configuration where possible and using this solely.

2013-02-05, 12:51 AM
can't wait! i'm also going to try using it as the sole interface with my other clients around the house. keep up the great work!

2013-02-05, 08:02 AM
I think you meant to say "not much demand", but like you I want the interface to manage the recording engine. So I'm definitely interested. I believe that if I can get XBMC properly configured, I won't need the UI of NPVR either.

Understandably it's a busy time of year, I was just looking to see how development was coming along too when you posted this...thanks for the update!

Also there has been much demand for this on the forums, so I figure I can just take my time as not many people really want to use it anyway :)

2013-02-06, 09:21 AM
managed to get some work done today on it, nearly completed the configuration update to angular/bootstrap. converted more controls (prompt message, folder browser dialog), the controls are what take the longest time in angular, once they're done pages are fairly quick to do.

the system page won't take long, theres not much on that page, mostly just info and a couple of lists.

hopefully i should get an alpha somewhat soon, depending on life stuff (in process of building my house, well builders are building it, but im doing all the network stuff and over seeing a lot).

hopefully get more testers this time around, more testers = more feedback = more motivation to fix things = more progress = better app :)

i have a lot less time to test currently, so will need community help here.

2013-02-22, 05:40 AM
I am looking forward to the update as well. Good luck with the house build.

2013-02-22, 03:34 PM
I would like to test it out but does the Nshared.DLL we need to replace contain all the latest fixes + your Web fixes? I wouldnt want to install it and my current config stops working with my Colossus tuner. Everything is currently working a1. I guess i could install it on another PC with NPVR connect as a client to my main NPVR and test it that way

2013-02-22, 03:37 PM
Exactly why I haven't installed the Alpha yet. I wasn't sure if that file was updated to match all the changes Sub has done for XBMC and such.

2013-02-23, 05:49 AM
or you could just make a backup of the nshared.dlll.....

use whatever the latest version of nshared.dll there is, the newest version will contain the changes needed for the web console.

2013-03-06, 09:57 PM
another update.

spent the last few nights completely removing knockoutjs and swapping it for angularjs. this is now complete.

ive started adding support for network shares, this should work, but I don't have a live system currently to test against (new house is 3 weeks away, and I will be using DVB-T, so I sold my DVB-S2 card and have no TV atm :)).

ive ripped out all the no longer needed code (angular lets you do a lot more with a lot less code, one of the main reasons i switched).

its now a single page app, so theres no screen refreshes. urls look like

etc, the # is how it can be a single page app but with different urls for each page.

Since I have no test system, I won't be releasing a new version before easter, I have a week off after easter to settle into my house and finish stuff around the house, hopefully I'll get a few hours then to test and package up a new alpha.

However, any brave soles could download the source and try it themselves. Like I said, this has had very little testing. But if you know IIS, you can just download the source setup a new webapp on a different port and run it side by side with alpha 1.

there will probably be some CSS issues (buttons/links off by a couple of pixels) in IE, was tweaking it for chrome last night, which makes IE sometimes need tweaking. Chrome/webkit is the standard, so I'll get that perfect, then adjust for other browsers (you always need to tweak a couple of things per browser).

the mobile side is probably completely broken ATM as well, as that was using knockout, but this was never released so not a biggie. I also finally have a computer that can run the windows phone 8 emulator, so I'll likely shortly start making a native app for WP8.

If any devs want to help out with the mobile side let me know, one requirement is the guide be a full guide (this is about 80% atm, scrolling is done, I just haven't hooked up click events or the show info/recording dialogs).

2013-03-07, 11:00 AM
another update :)

Managed to get a basic working nextpvr system on my laptop (extension cords, usb tuner). So I'm able to fix bugs and actually test it.

If you're running from source, expect nightly changes :)

2013-03-09, 06:22 PM
Reven, sorry for my ignorance but do you have any compiled versions (windows) of the latest nightly? Or is it an easy way to complie from source?

Wanted to try out the latest changes for network shares.


2013-03-09, 07:59 PM
no sorry no compiled nightless.

if you have visual studio 2012 (express would do) you can compile and publish it yourself.

if you don't know how to do that, you should probably wait for the next build.

I would like to get automated builds setup some how, just havent had the chance to look into it.

2013-03-10, 09:05 PM
another update: (not sure if anyone finds these interesting, but figured I'll continue to post to show the project is alive :))

I'm extending the "Channels" configuration so you can set the EPG Source from the webconsole.

This requires you to specify XMLTV sources for xmltv feeds, and schedule direct settings if using schedules direct.

I've done XMLTV (only just started SD).

You can import you XMLTV files from NextPVR. In NextPVR they are specified in channel edit, in the web console you specify your xmltv files under
Configration \ EPG Sources \ XMLTV
When you add/import a xmltv source, you will need to "scan" that file to find the channels available in that file. Scanning only takes few seconds.

Once a source has been added and scanned you will be able to select "XMLTV" as a source on the
Configuration \ Channels page.
When you select "XMLTV" you choose which XMLTV file for that channel (so you can have multiple xmltv files), and then another drop down list is populated with the channels available in that feed. If none have been select, it will initially try to automatically find the channel in the feed (works well for NZ DVB-T freeview feed).

Then you can save your channels and do a EPG import and you should have EPG Data.

To specify the XMLTV File there is a file browser dialog that will list the folders/files on the server, so its not just a textbox where you type in the filename, you can browse for it. This dialog only lists ".xml" files. It also shows your "Network" so you can browse your network for a xmltv file.

my goal is to be able to do a clean install of nextpvr with no configuration, open the webconsole and completely configure everything.
It also needs to work so if you decide to configure using NextPVR the webconsole will still work (there are some issues, with "Import from NextPVR" for xmltv sources etc, but easily fixed with a click of a button).

2013-03-15, 05:17 AM
my goal is to be able to do a clean install of nextpvr with no configuration, open the webconsole and completely configure everything.

It would be real nice if you were able to export the config settings or save them off to another device, perform the clean install and just import again. That would be nice to have. It probably wouldn't take into consideration for any add-ins though, but I suppose you might be able to accomodate for them.

2013-04-19, 09:55 PM
all settled into my new house. server is setup. networking is all done (ive installed 38 network ports throughout the house terminating to a server cabinet in the garage, its a brand new house so did lots of wiring when no gib was up).

my server has some virtual machines running for building/testing. im currently setting up a build vm to compile/build/version the web console using teamcity.

if you've ever used team city (or similar) you know how awesome/helpful this is, ensures every build is the same (doing them manually sometimes you forget a step), every build is versioned (using the git commit number, this is the step you usually forget to do when building manually), and can even run some smoke tests to make sure it installs on a few test operating systems (xp, 2003, windows 7, xp with different language).

this is taking me longer than I wanted (was having an annoying issue which has now be resolved), but will speed things up once all completed (I won't have to manually test things all the time) and will ensure the web console is as bug free as possible (will also help with future projects I work on).

this probably isn't so interesting to end users, since its not actually any work on the web console, but thought I'd post an update to show you this project is still very much alive.


2013-04-19, 10:12 PM
I find installing 38 network ports thoughout the house very interesting. I guess that is the geek in me. I've only done 2 in my house so far. One in the office (where all the networking gear is located) and one in the sunroom (where the HTPC lives), with a cable connecting them.

Congrats on getting all your backbone stuff done!

2013-04-20, 08:39 PM
Reven, does your project have to live on the main nextpvr machine? Or could i have it installed on a VM somewhere else with just IIS running? I'd be curious to see it running without impacting my existing system.

I went and looked at a brand new house a mont ago or so, every room had 2 network ports - but at the place you'd logically place the bed (so mostly for phone) - then at what would be the foot of the bed, they had an aerial port - but NO network - HELLO!??!!? so you couldn't even put a best over the aerial for a tv/laptop as there was no network. Then the was wall mounted, and all devices were hidden in a false wall - so all that came through was 2 hdmi port again NO NETWORK - and also how dows the remote work when the bluray etc is hidden in a wall. Some owners just don't think properly.

I've love to see a write up or your wiring, tv, network, phone etc, and how you set up your main "lounge" tv - as I'd love to do a smilar scheme - I've always planned itm but I'll be doing it on a 80ish year old house most likely

2013-04-21, 04:52 AM
it needs nextpvr installed, but you can easily build a vm (using virtualbox if you dont have hyper-v or vmware) and try it on that. installer is easiest way to set it up (it installs ultidev for you so no need to configure IIS). im setting up some test vms now using this process for smoke tests.

the git repo should work fine if you want to manually download the code and point IIS to it. but the installer source code is some what broken/in a state of flux while i'm attempting to get everything working in a teamcity environment.

for the house, i basically installed network cables every where i might need them, i havent worried about phone cables (all cat6 so I could get phones to all my network ports if i really wanted, but im just using a dect wireless base station and several wireless phones throughout the house).

in my lounge, i have 2 behind the tv at about 1.2m off the ground, then 6 below where all the AV equipment goes (6 is over kill now, but with a receiver, bluray, ps3, xbox, ouya etc better to have too many than too few).

my bedroom has 2 behind the tv (1.2m off the ground), and then an hdmi + usb cable running from that into my walk-in wardrobe . in the wardrobe i have another 4 network ports. im hoping CEC improves so I can just use that to control everything in the wardrobe or use a harmony 900 with RF, for now im leaving the door open which works fine.

all the other bedrooms have at least 2 sets of 2 network ports. most bedrooms have network ports in the wardrobes with power points as well. my sons TV is mounted in front of wardrobe and i drilled a hole in the wall to run the tv power cable into the wardrobe and have a PI in there as well, he has an additional 4 network ports in that wardrobe.

i tried to put them wherever i thought i might be using a laptop and want to connect to the wired network if transfer files. so in my lounge there is a double network next to the couches (same with family room). my master bedroom has 2 network ports either side of the bed.

i really did go over kill on these, but best time to do it, and network stuff was pretty cheap. probably spent $800-$1000NZD on all the hardware, i did all the labour myself.

2013-05-02, 02:17 AM
going to release a new build probably tonight, if I can find somewhere to host it. need a kick up the butt to do more development on it, so looking for some brave souls to test it out.

I have team city all setup to do builds easily but haven't some problem getting VirtualBox to start via command line for tests to run against (sadly my PCs motherboard doesnt support hypver-v otherwise I would just use that) and I've spent so much time on this I've kinda given up and need a break from the boring stuff.

the next version has the angular replacement, but a lot of stuff still needs doing, no where near as polished as the first alpha (i did a lot of testing on that one), but I need to release often to keep progress alive, so need testers.

2013-05-20, 09:44 AM
unit tests are all working yay!