View Full Version : Web console + xbmc nextpvr plugin

2013-03-02, 05:12 AM
How do these interact? I've had a rudimentary play with the nextpvr plugin in xbmc (on a pc and an apple tv).

Will the web console allow (later?) for the ability to transcode a video for lower capable devices?

X-newa does this with newa - but I like how integrated the nextpvr plugin in off the menus (that said I've only just updated newa to 1.31 to try and play around with the transcoding).

2013-03-02, 06:23 AM
If you're not using the "Users" feature of webconsole, then you can just use the standard xbmc npvr addon on port 8866.

If you are using the "Users" feature, then in order to filter recordings, record to your own users recording directories, show your personal channel list/groups then you need the modified npvr addon supplied on the downloads page. I have requested a pull into the main xbmc pvr addon repo, but to my knowledge this has yet to be accepted into the main npvr addon branch (sub wanted to wait until after frodos release, which has passed).

For transcoding if you're using the standard xbmc pvr addon then this isn't handled by the webconsole and doesnt even pass through the web console.

If you are using my modified xbmc pvr addon, then I maybe able to do something about it, but personally I rather leave this up to the core npvr streaming service.

The way the webconsole works, is it listens on port 8877 (by default) and it handles all the xml requests by the client. But it sends an additional "StreamingPort" parameter to the client and when the client wants to watch live or a recording it sends a request to that port (8866 by default).

my changes to the npvr xbmc addon were very minor I basically just added
- StreamingPort to Setting.List call
- If version is greater than 2.5.9 (my service fakes a version of 2.5.10) using channel_oid in the stream requests instead of ?channel=[number] (in case each user has different channel numbers)