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2013-04-08, 10:07 AM
Hopefully this is something that won't be hard to implement. I'd like to be able to configure a base URL in the web console so I can set up IIS URL rewrite/reverse proxy on my home server to enable external access through a sub folder without needing to open up another port on my router.

For example locally on my network I would like to be able to access the web console on http://server:8877/npvr/
Then externally I'd be access through https://public.address.com/npvr/

I've already got this set up for sickbeard, sabnzbd, couchpotato and utorrent and it works quite well and in addition I can use built in IIS authentication so I only need a single login for all services. For all of these program's you can configure a "urlbase" (except for utorrent but as it has a fixed base of "gui" I can still work with it). Being able to do this with NextPVR/Wb Console with be great.


2013-04-08, 10:20 PM
should be able to do this in IIS or UltiDev. the web console doesn't have its own server or any knowledge of what its running on (which means it can run on any asp.net server, IIS or default of UltiDev), but means you have to do it manually.

in IIS its very simple (i do this regularly at my day job for webapps), I'm sure its just as simple in Ultidev (just google "ultidev host name")

2013-04-09, 02:21 PM
Ok so I I've gone into the UltiDev config and set the Web Console site to be in a virtual directory called "npvr" (which is what I need so that IIS on my public ip can reverse proxy it). I can now access web console internally on my network on http://servername:8877/npvr/ but there are two initial problems.

1. When logging in it redirects to http://servername:8877 without the virtual directory name on the end. I can get past this though by adding the virtual directory name back on the end as it remembers the login session.

2. The bigger problem is that it doesn't show any device status or the guide. If I change the config back to not having the virtual directory then the device status and guide work again.

Any ideas where I look next to fix this?


2013-04-10, 10:01 PM
1. is likely a bad redirect, I'll look into this and fix it.

2. is possibly another bad url request, where its using the root host instead of the virtual directory. you could test this by opening chrome tools and looking at the network traffic.

I'll try and rush a new build out the door. I was working on scanning for channels, but this can wait as its not hugely urgent.

I've just moved housed so been busy setting everything up there.

2013-04-12, 03:32 PM
Great. Looking forward to the next update. No need to rush it out, moving house is far more important.


2017-09-10, 06:39 AM
I know this is a REALLY old thread, but did anyone get the base URL working by chance?

2017-09-10, 01:48 PM
I know this is a REALLY old thread, but did anyone get the base URL working by chance?

Web Console was a short lived alternative to the built in web server that never was fully developed before support was dropped.