View Full Version : How do I clear all settings and start over

2014-02-14, 03:01 PM
I previously had Next PVR Web Console installed while tinkering with NPVR. At the time I had cable and was using schedules direct. I've now moved to using NPVR full time and am now only using over-the-air antenna and XMLTV as EPG source.

I've tried deleting all my channels and EPG source, importing channels for NPVR and setting my EPG configuration to my .xml file. I've attempted scanning the xml file, emptying the EPG and filling it, but I never can populate the EPG. I've attempted removing NPVRWC and reinstalling only to have my old channel settings and Schedules Direct configuration showing back up.

How can I clear all information from NPVRWC and start over with a clean slate? The channels and EPG information it is finding are not the ones that NPVR is using now.

2014-02-15, 03:22 PM
Figured it out on my own. For anyone finding this post later, look in App_Data in your install directory (C:\Program Files\Reven\NextPVR Web Console\App_Data). Rename/remove NextPvrWebConsole.db . Reload the web page and set things up again. All channels and EPG populated without problem.