View Full Version : Grid Line Height - display out of sync with UI?

2014-12-08, 02:06 AM
I am a new user, and have a UI problem. To select a program from the grid display, I need to click a little lower on the screen than where the program box actually appears. The issue gets progressively more severe as I move down from the top of the grid to the bottom - so to select a program on the top row of the grid, I can actually click in the grid or slightly lower; but to select a program on the sixth row I need to click about two inches below the program listing. So it seems as if each row of the listing grid is actually about 25% taller than it appears on screen. I am able to select any show, I just have learned that I need to click in the wrong place, especially for shows lower down on the grid listing. Also the keyboard arrows work fine for selecting shows. I have no such problem with the default NPVR TV Guide grid - it works properly, but lacks some of the nice features of TV Listings. I am using default skins and settings for most everything, so I don't believe that I've done anything to cause this issue.

Any advice on how to fix this minor annoyance would be appreciated. Thank you,

2014-12-08, 06:59 AM
Thanks for reporting - I'll check that.


2014-12-08, 05:17 PM
Another bit of information: since posting this, I have found that the problem goes away if you have eight channels listed in the grid. I was using only six channels, so apparently TV Listings was trying to spread six rows across 8 slots, causing the mismatch. I have now added two channels I never use, and am able to click each row in the right place. I suspect this issue only appears on the last page of the grid, and only in cases where the number of channels listed is not a multiple of 8.

Thank you,