View Full Version : Duplicate Display_Name Problem

2015-07-28, 12:34 PM
Since Msoft moved to Rovi, I have duplicate display-name problems. I use mc2xml for guide updates. The display-name in the xmltv.xml file is duplicated for channels 377 and 378, for example. Both have a display name of SHON. When I import channels, I only get one,377. If I manually add the other, they both show the same programming in the guide. I use the "Display Name" option for mc2xml, that is, the channel number is not part of the display-name. This is because the listing gets too crowded. Anyone know a way to get around this, or do I just wait and hope Rovi fixes it?

2015-07-28, 10:52 PM
mc2xml has a 'rename' option that can be used to rename a channel into anything you wish..
default filename= mc2xml.ren
format is original:newname


2015-07-29, 12:25 PM
I solved this issue by dropping the -F option from mc2xml and going back to the "number name" format for display names. Had to alter TV Listings "skin" to make it look like it did before and had to rename all my icons (painful!). I knew about the .ren file, but I don't really like using that feature. Thanks for the reply. All I need now is for ROVI to get their act together and catch up with Verizon's changes!