View Full Version : mc2xml end date 9/2/2015

2015-09-08, 02:20 AM
I just downloaded mc2xml trying to pull local channels guide but it is only pulling the channel listing, without any guide information. The command i'm using is below:

mc2xml.exe -f -d 168 -o TVGuide.xml -s -6

When this run, i notice the start date is 7/13/2015 and end date is 9/2/2015. Today's date is 9/7/2015. Seems like it is downloading the older guide information just fine if i tweak the -s parameters but it will not download today's date guide. What am i doing wrong?

EDIT: Missed some news on http://mc2xml.awardspace.info/ but apparently the MS legacy no longer update for US. So that explains my problem.