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2005-04-26, 08:22 PM
I'll put it in the wiki once I figure out how to get a login...

nkh-red1-beta1-1.rar (http://www.nk-h.dk/gbpvr/nkh-red1/nkh-red1-beta1-1.rar)

It currently supports the following screens: Main, TV guide (8 channels and full description), Live Guide (moved to the top of the screen showing 3 channels, with two lines of description at the bottom of the screen), Search Guide, Recordings, Video Library, Music Library, Net Radio, News Feeds (v4.5), Weather (v3b), My Music (v2.1) and My Pictures (v2.1). (note, version numbers are just the ones I have tested the skin with, other versions may work too).

These plugins are required (for the panels on the main screen, you can turn them off in /nkh-red1/main menu/skin.xml at the bottom of the file): Music Panel (http://www.bladerhq.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Plugin/MusicPanel) and News Feeds (http://www.bladerhq.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Plugin/RssReader) (v4.5).

The skin is made for and tested with GBpvr 0.91.12b (but I suppose it works with other 0.9x versions too).

If you run into problems with missing skins for plugins just copy the folders over from the blue skin (it'll probably look funny, but it'll at leased work).

Now for the screenshots :)

The main menu with the diffirent backgrounds (Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale, Red and Black):
http://www.nk-h.dk/gbpvr/nkh-red1/main_small.jpg (http://www.nk-h.dk/gbpvr/nkh-red1/main.jpg)-http://www.nk-h.dk/gbpvr/nkh-red1/main-red_small.jpg (http://www.nk-h.dk/gbpvr/nkh-red1/main-red.jpg)-http://www.nk-h.dk/gbpvr/nkh-red1/main-black_small.jpg (http://www.nk-h.dk/gbpvr/nkh-red1/main-black.jpg)

The rest of the screenshots are currently here: http://www.nk-h.dk/gbpvr/nkh-red1/

2005-04-26, 08:40 PM
Looks very nice! Good job