View Full Version : Recurring recordings shift by one day when changing Pre Padding

2016-01-27, 09:10 PM
Details are located in this post :


2016-02-01, 10:07 AM

sub, is the daymask supposed to be in local or UTC time? E.g., one rule in question is stored as follows in the database:


From the description, the start time of "2016-01-30T01:30:00.0000000Z" should refer to friday evening, 20:30 in local time (somewhere in Canada I guess).


2016-09-15, 05:22 AM
In the past, I was using TV Listings/TV Recordings to schedule shows. Then trying to set the priority of Recurring Recordings, I found out that many Recurring were set with priority 0. I fix it at the time and since then I do all Scheduling using TV Guide / Recordings.

However, a few weeks ago, I changed a Recurring Recordings with TV Listings. I changed the Post padding from 60 minutes to 30 minutes. Some days later I notice that the recordings was at the top priority in Recurring Recordings. Looking at the db3 file showed that the priority was set to 0. Deleted and reprogrammed the show with TV Guide.

Another issue with TV Listings is that changing pre/post padding of a show in progress or scheduled later in the day, will not change the padding. With TV Guide, changing the padding of show always works fine.