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2016-12-03, 01:55 AM
I've updated the nlite build at http://www.nextpvr.com/nlite-win32.zip.


19th December 2016
- fixed issue where 'exit' button was non-functional

3rd December 2016
- changed scaling to improve appearence of text when window was resized bigger/smaller than it's default 1280x720 window size

26th November 2016
- moved from RGB to YUV to reduce CPU usage.
- added experimental "-gpu" command line parameter for using dxva2 hardware acceleration during playback.

14th April 2018
- windows builds no longer show console window. If you need to connect logs, you still can by running [b]nlite.exe > c:\some.log[b]

2016-12-18, 04:50 PM
New build posted, fixing issue with 'exit' button.