View Full Version : Fresh Build what is needed?

2017-08-01, 10:38 PM
Pardon my ignorance but if I'm doing a fresh client install and plan to try NLite do I still install the normal nextpvr for client mode first? This is a new PC with a clean windows install that I'll be using for a client. I assume I also have to install VLC?

2017-08-01, 10:58 PM
NLite is a client, you just need install it, it should find your NPVR server. If you have problems with it finding the server, check this thread (https://forums.nextpvr.com/showthread.php?58992-NLite-Unable-to-find-and-connect-to-a-NextPVR-server)out... You don't need VLC.

UPDATE: Yes, I think you do need VLC as it uses VLC for the playback.

2017-08-02, 01:30 AM
You don't need VLC. It includes all the stuff it needs. Just extract the zip file to a directory and run nlite.exe.

2017-08-02, 02:04 AM
Looks like you also need Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 32bit. Without that I was getting an error saying MSVCR110.dll was missing. I needed the 32 bit even though the OS is 64bit.

2017-08-02, 03:53 AM
Ok - good to know.