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2018-08-29, 05:28 PM
Hi I have loaded this app onto my firestick and it is working great, just what I have been waiting for! My question is is it possible (yet) to delete recordings, from the app, after watching them. Have been trying from phone and Firestick, but not sure if is an option or just me not finding it.

Thanks again for a great app.

2018-08-29, 05:33 PM
On a phone/tablet you can generally swipe across a recording to delete it.

2018-08-29, 05:56 PM
Thanks Sub, just my usual non touch sensitive fingers giving a problem. Obviously can't do that on the firestick perhaps on a future release, as you develop for android TV, on the program info screen that has the options to "play" or "resume" the option to delete could be added for my perfect firestick app.

Thanks for quick reply

2019-01-12, 10:24 AM
+1 on android box.

I've tried to click and swipe left/right but cannot seem to delete a recording. I have to go to the web interface to manage recordings.

2019-01-29, 12:50 AM
+1 on this feature. A button to delete would really round out this app for me as far as using it on the Fire Stick.

2019-05-05, 03:37 PM
+1 on android tv

Only can delete recordings from web interface/server. This feature would solve my only problem with NextPVR.

2019-06-10, 08:05 PM
+1 on this too! Also, for some reason on the Shield its displaying the date in a US format, maybe i need to look harder at its settings.