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2019-06-23, 01:47 AM
Good Day...I am confused and yet pleased at the same time. Here is my situation. I have V5 installed on a W10 machine (1) and I have my HDHR Quatro installed on another W10 machine (2). Machine 2 does not have an instance of NPVR installed and yet I am able to connect to V5 of NPVR via machine 1. I thought I read somewhere that V5 installation was based on a per machine basis atm and would only work on 1 machine. Like I said I am confused but at the same time pleased that it does cross my home network and streams the media. My setup is completely all defaults and using SD for the EPG.

Just asking but this is great! Cheers...





2019-06-23, 01:53 AM
The Windows client and tray are local only everything else is network aware

2019-06-23, 01:57 AM
Yep, as Martin says, nextpvr.exe and npvrtray.exe are limited to the same machine. The web app, iOS / Android apps, Kodi, Emby, nlite etc can all be used across a network.

2019-06-23, 10:00 AM
Good day mates...Okay I misunderstood what I read. Thanks for clearing it up for me. Cheers...