View Full Version : Why doesn't NPVR Server start when booting into Windows?

2019-07-14, 01:38 AM
Is there a way to start the NPVR server as soon as you go into Windows after a reboot? The only way I can get the server to work is to pin the command window with NPVR Server and open it manually.

2019-07-14, 02:23 AM
Sorry, that's the way it works at this stage. I'll be adding a service so it can run in the background when Windows starts, but I haven't added that yet.

2019-07-14, 02:21 PM
You could always add a shortcut to your startup folder: https://www.intowindows.com/how-to-add-apps-to-startup-in-windows-10/

2019-07-14, 02:25 PM
For me I created a hidden scheduled task that flagged to run at system startup and to run whether the user is logged on or not, works great.

As an example this will create the simple task from an admin command prompt

schtasks /create /sc onstart /tn "NextPVR" /tr ""C:\ProgramFiles\NPVR\NextPVRServer.exe"" /np

Then go into task scheduler and flag the task as hidden and not to stop after 3 days and then run the task

It can be turned off (without flushing logs) with

schtasks /tn nextpvr /off

and renabled with

schtasks /tn nextpvr /run