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2005-07-01, 01:38 PM
I've been struggling with MythTV for a week now, because I'm atrocious at linux. I had NO idea gbpvr existed, and I JUST found this site 5 mins ago.

It appears that gbpvr does EVERYTHING mythTV does, except in a windows environment. Is this totally true, if so, I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO sold!

Has anyone compared the 2, and what about media portal?

I have a totally dedicated box, which will sit on top of my tv:
Ahtlon XP 2700+
512mb PC2700 DDR RAM
Chaintech 7NIF2
Integrated Geforce4 MX
Integrated AC'97 Audio
120GB Maxtor 7200rpm hdd
Hauppage PVR-250

All I really want to do is:
- record my favorite shows (via my Haupp. PVR-250)
- copy them to my other windows box, take out commercials, and transcode to Xvid
- be able to schedule recordings in the future, for example, setup to record every episode (in certain timeslot) of SG-1/SG-ATL (for example, ofcourse)

It looks like gbpvr can do it, so I'm SOOOOO happy! Once I get it setup tonight I'll be donating, so THANK YOU sooooo much, whoever wrote this!

Oh yea, has anyone had experience with GBPVR & MythTV & Media Portal? ----how do they stack up?

2005-07-01, 02:11 PM
yeah gbpvr can do pretty much everything myth can do (it doesnt have mythphone, and you cant edit videos directly in gbpvr, i think thats the only things missing from gbpvr). mediaportal looks better than gbpvr, however is much more unstable. in a windows environment gbpvr is probably the best pvr program (but im bound to say that).

2005-07-01, 02:14 PM
I don't know much at all about myth tv but GB-PVR will do everything you want it to do.

2005-07-01, 02:17 PM
Thanks for your input guys. That, along with this thread (http://forum.gbpvr.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-5015.html) have convinced me to go with GBPVR.

Thank you GUYS so much!

2005-07-01, 05:17 PM
Mediaportal is a HUGE resource hog (and it's still unstable). GB-PVR doesn't need half that.
Myth is great, if you're a 'nix geek, otherwise it's too much hassle.
GB-PVR also does everything you need. Add the MY PROGRAMS plugin, and you can then run your video editor, netphone app, or any other windows app, from the interface.
Set it up with a remote keyboard, mouse, and the remote, and you don't ever have to go near the actual PC. :)

2005-07-01, 05:20 PM
I 'fiddled' with Media Portal for several months and was never able to get it to work properly or consistenly. I installed GBPVR and out of the box it worked. I still have problems with LiveTV but those are related to the PVR150MCE cards and their what I believe to be less-than-stellar-performance on low inpout signal levels. I'm getting a new 10db Cable TV Amp/Splitter to see if I can boost the input signal enough to solve the reception problem.

2005-07-01, 05:22 PM
Sounds like you already made a decision, but. . . . .

I tried MediaPortal and GBPVR. I found both GBPVR and MediaPortal work very well.

MediaPortal has some graphical advantages over GBPVR, like live TV preview in the guide, or on the main screen, music visualiations (if you like that sort of thing). I read in the MP forum that it has more robust skining features. What caused me to switch was the setup and a rewind bug (It was fixed a long time ago). The biggest deal breaker was the dvr-ms file format. I wanted playback of recorded programs on WIN2K, WIN98 and WINXP machines on my network. I had set up MP on a WIN2K box and I couldn't even playback the files (outside of MP). I'm also using a lower spec'ed PC with some older hardware. MP would run but a little slow.

GBPVR, was different. At first I was a little spoilied by the Nice interface on MP. But as I got to use the GBPVR interface, and new skins, I found it was very strait forward and user friendly. The only exception being to watch a recording that has started, you need to access the recording screen and find your currently recording program. I think MP could go directly from the main screen. But, when you consider that GBPVR is a PVR first and a Mediacenter second it makes more sence. GB runs its recording module as a service so even if the GUI is not up it still records. When I used MP the GUI had to be running to record. I have only missed 1 recording with GB. With MP I missed several due to GUI crashes.

Some benifits of GB
- GB runs well on my system.
- Plugin developers are always comming up with new plugin's.
- GB can be used a server/client arrangement. With either a MVP or other computers (when properly configured).
- Set up was easy
- Really great skins!! (Xmedia, Blue)
- TV guide set up was easy
and most of all
- GB just works.

Good Luck

2005-07-05, 06:17 AM
I've been struggling with MythTV for a week now, because I'm atrocious at linux.

I struggled with a 'Just boot and go MythTV' CDrom for about a week, it went up to a point and then just stopped.

Eventually found out it was because there was no floppy disk on my system. Duh, and I thought Linux was supposed to be advanced.

GB-Pvr is it!