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2005-07-12, 04:55 PM

Suggestions thoughts. Welcome. If anyone wants to enhance this the source is also provided. Just let me know so I do not work on it too. :)


lots of bugs. Xplorer is a file explorer for GBPVR. Xplorer is a two panel file browser you can move, copy and delete files and directories. As well as run some files.

You must select a file or directory to do an operation on hit insert or green button to do that. The selected item should become gray.

MVP users the blue button pulls up the menu of commands.

Keyboard users you can also use
F5 - Copy
F6 - Move
Delete - to Delete

Currently playable files (Ctrl-P or Play) mp3 will play the audio mpg will play the video bat will invoke on the server exe will invoke on the server

2005-07-12, 09:34 PM
jorm you may want to rethink using the F keys, since if you handle them gbpvr wont process them, and they are quick keys to other plugins (so they wont work in this plugin) which is annoying. great plugin btw.

2005-07-13, 02:27 AM
thank you. good point what keys should i use instead?

2005-07-13, 02:29 AM
since you are aiming these functions at keyboard, why not ctrl-x, ctrl-c, ctrl-v ?

2005-07-21, 01:33 AM
How about a rename function? I have batched the process of ripping a DVD so that it is only a one step process. Problem is my output file is alway output.mpg and if I could rename it from GBPVR, it would save me having to do it from the OS.


2005-07-21, 10:28 AM
that is on my list of things to do.

2005-09-19, 07:22 PM
Jorm, I think this plugin could be really handy for transfernig my music to my mp3 player... however i can select a music album folder, but when i select my mp3 player (shows as a flash drive in windows) i cant copy??

Im using a hauppauge 34 button remote and i get no response?

Any ideas?

Regards Stu

2005-09-19, 10:45 PM
The mvp is typically running as the system user. I wonder if that could be a problem. If you use the pc can you copy? If you can right click on the service and run as user.

2005-09-27, 08:48 PM
If you were refering to me about the MVP thing, i dont have one, the remote is from my pvr-350.

2005-09-27, 09:52 PM
hmm. Then thats not it. :)

2005-12-13, 12:33 PM
Jorm, like i said previously this plugin would be very handy to transfer files to an mp3 player.

Do you think it could be adapted so that on the left i see my default music directory, and on the right i see whatever usb device is plugged in with a button to assigned to copy from music folder to usb device and perhaps one to delete the contents of the usb device?

2005-12-13, 12:48 PM
If jorm dosn't mind I could work on a file explorer type plugin to manage files on a MP3 player. I have a k750 and would love an easier way of sending songs to it.

Had a 'Send to Player' option on the Music Player plugin (http://forums.nextpvr.com/showthread.php?t=9732&highlight=amp) i made, but I use My Music now.

2005-12-13, 12:52 PM
yeah i looked at music player but it didnt support my directory structure.

I'll keep an eye out for anything you do and will test it on any usb devices i have if you want. cheers McBainUK

2005-12-13, 01:04 PM
Was going to add database support but My Music is so good I didn't bother.

Thinking of 2 pane approach; Music on one side, MP3 player on the other. Options copy to player / delete from player.
Stu8080 - any thoughts on other features / use?

Will credit you as offical tester :D


2005-12-13, 01:58 PM
the only other thing i could think of would be option to add from .M3U playlist?

so i can load a pre set list of songs from a playlist created in Music Library 2 or Winamp etc

Other than that the simpler the better

2005-12-13, 02:33 PM
Agree on both

2005-12-17, 03:58 AM

sorry I have been on vacation without internet for a week. You have my blessing. The code should be on wiki. If not let me know and I will find it for you. The changes sound cool.

2006-01-02, 03:02 PM
Any news on this one?

2006-01-07, 05:25 PM
Xmas and new year got in the way, lol. Got side tracked with other projects too.

Decided to start from scratch with the Files plugin. Got a working version, just needs tweaking. Will post here with a beta during the week.

2006-01-09, 01:53 PM
Sweet, thanks.

Do you think it will support memory cards too? Ive just seen an excellent car head unit that uses flash memory cards and usb drives for mp3's. Would make it easy to load a 1gb card with a playlist and just plug it in to my car stereo.

A far better option than a tape converter for my mp3 player

2006-01-09, 01:57 PM
Is it a H&B stereo? Heard they've got flash card support, pretty cool.

Works well with my phone and card reader (CF and SD). If it comes up as a drive in Windows it will work.

Can I sign you up as a tester?

2006-01-10, 05:30 PM
Absolutely, i can test USB dongle, flash cards and a USB mp3 player, should cover all bases. The only other thing i can think of is Firewire iPods or external hard drives. I presume they show as drives just like USB devices?

Yes H&B have some really innovative stuff, ive read mixed reviews though, some say certain cards are not found etc. Not enough bad reviews to worry too much though.

2006-01-12, 01:00 PM
I presume they show as drives just like USB devices?
I expect so.

Moved discussion over to the developers form, see this post (http://forums.nextpvr.com/showthread.php?p=83308#post83308).