Dealing with channel updates

  1. fluffykeith
    Hi - just joined the group as I have upgraded to NPVR from GPVR and need to start the getting it stable fun again.

    We (the UK) seem to have lots of channel updates, at one point it seemed to be weekly that my TV wanted to rescan, it seems to have settled down a bit recently.

    The TV is ok, I just wait 5 mins for it to complete and everything is fine but NPVR needs rescan on each tuner (I have 2 sat and 2 freeview), then I have to combine similar channels then assign the EPG as freeview is over the air and sat is grabbed.

    How do folk cope with the odd channel update?

    Have I overcomplicated it or missed out on some simple tool that will do it for me or maybe I have the whole procedure wrong. I can't imagine having to do this for each change there are 1000s of channels and there has to be a simple way to select the set we like and just keep those up to date.


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