Codec's in Use

  1. mobiusnz
    Just wondering what people are using these days.

    I'm still using Monogram audio (anyone found one thats working better?) and PowerDVD 9 for the H264 video support. I'm getting audio sync problems after blips/glitches but a quick skip back or pause and play brings it back into sync. Are others experiencing this or getting better results.

    My biggest problem seems to relate to either HDD performance when recording multiple channels or perhaps signal strength. I sometimes get recordings that have minor blips every 10 - 20 seconds. Lately it hasn't been so bad but the WAF has never been as good as back in the day with SD recorded with 500MCE dual tuner cards. Its been getting better over time and she won't admit it but she does love the HD picture on our new 46" Samsung LCD.

    Anyone got any input here - Just like to get a feel for other users in NZ and see what their experiences are so hopefully we can tip each other off on improvements we've made!

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