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Thread: Video Archiver Bug

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    Video Archiver Bug

    Jeff....I have noticed a bug(I think) in the current relase of VA(10/08/05).

    Load all files and directories on intial startup.
    I have my configuration set to cache just one directory and 1 new recording. I did this since if I cache everything no new recordings show up as they are added.

    The bug seems to be when I delete the last recording for a show I can not see any more recordings under any other show...they like vanish. I go out to the main menu and back in....still nothing listed.

    If I turn the MVP off/on (via the remote not hard off/on) and go back in I can then see the recordings....until I again delete the last recording in a show.

    Has this been identified before or is anyone else experiencing this?

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    I saw something like this a while ago and fixed it in the unreleased version. I will try it to see if I can reproduce your problem or if it is indeed fixed. That said, new recordings should show up automatically no matter how many directories are cahced. I monitor all directories and add things to the list as new files are created.


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