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Thread: Priority Recording crashes since upgrade

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    Priority Recording crashes since upgrade

    Recently upgraded gbpvr and have had endless crashes and hangs.
    The only one I haven't been able to fix so far is PriorityRecording.
    I have it set to start at 7pm and wake the maching and update the EPG.
    I get the following error window message:

    PriorityRecording.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Service
    Application has generated an exception that could not be handled

    Process id=0x994 (2452), Thread id=0x6a4 (1700)

    Ok to terminate, Cancel to debug (but can't debug)

    I have gbpvr 0.98.8 on a desktop with Windows XP sp 2 and Hauppage 150. Using Nod32 (already added all exe files in gbpvr directory to the excluded list in imon) and Kerio Personal Firewall.

    Help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    I'm fairly certian that priorityrecording is broken as of 97.13.

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    It's working ok for me in v98.8, but it needed a couple of patches that aren’t included in the wiki release.
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    After reading the posts about priority recording being broken, I figured it was time for a clean install. Everything working well now without error messages. Haven't reinstalled X-record thought.
    Thanks for the help.

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