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Thread: blinky feedback

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    blinky feedback


    I have tested with multiple recordings and here are some feedback. I schedule 1 hr recording at the beginner hour like 9:00 AM. Blinky.rec is generated at that time. Few minutes later, I schedule another recording, but this time blinky.rec does not update. Can you have blinky update blinky.rec every time recording starts and every time recording finish?

    Can you also have a log for it? I am not sure what has happened. blinky.rec file is no longer generated when recording starts.


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    Give this one a shot. This version checks to see if we updated the count on the number of active recordings. This should take care of the issue. The only problem that MIGHT occur, is if you switch the exact same number of recordings between checks.

    The issue here is that I write the file right after the "check". If you have your interval to check every 3 seconds, it means it's going to write to this file every 3 seconds. I personally dont like eating up disk IO ever few seconds to write the same information. I now check this based on what the "previous count" of recordings is. i.e. if you have 1 recording and now have 2 it updates and vice versa.

    Give it a shot.
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