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Thread: Using Ubustream with MediaMVPs

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    Using Ubustream with MediaMVPs

    Some one asked me how I got Ubustream working with MediaMVPs.
    Here's what I said. Any other thoughts, tips & tricks?

    I'm using Media MVP Versions D3A

    Short How-to:
    1) get Videolan client (VLC)
    2) Install Ubustream, and set all your stations to use VLC
    3) Setup external recorder to allow Ubustream to use channel mode.
    4) Use all of tipsters MVP network tweaks

    Since the MVP needs a .mpg file to play, VLC is needed to capture the network stream you want to watch and save it in .mpg format so the MVP can play it.

    Long version:
    1) I'm using videolan client 0.8.5
    in settings->preferences
    advanced, check advanced options and select "allow only one running instance" and "allow only one running instance when started from a file" keep "use a plugins cache" checked. all others on that page unchecked.

    This will keep gbpvr from spawning lots of zombie instances of VLC that never close when you change channels.
    2) Set Ubustream to use VLC
    in gbpvr config, plugins tab, WebTV/ radio -> Settings. PLayers tab-> Videolan client->edit...this should say
    player name: videoLAN Client
    PLayer Application: C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe
    Fullscreen parm: -f

    Stations tab: all station should be set to use VideoLAN Client as their media player

    3) gbpvr config->Capture sources-> Create a capture source for Ubustream, like Ubu says to in the wiki. Mine looks like this:
    Edit recording source worksheet:
    Source name: UbuStream
    Recording Source: Extrernal recorder
    Start recording executable:C:\Program Files\devnz\gbpvr\UbuStreamCmd.exe
    Start Recording Parameters:
    {channel} :sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp2v,vb=2048,scale=1,acodec=mpga,ab=192,channels=2,audio-sync}:duplicate{dst=std{access=file,mux=ps,dst=^"{fullname}"^}}
    Hide recording executable: checked
    Wait up to 10,000 ms for the output file to be created
    The wait 100 ms before starting "Now Recording"
    Now recording executable: blank
    Now recording parameters : blank
    Stop recording executable: C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe
    Stop recording parameters: --one-instance vlc:quit
    Start preview executable: C:\Program Files\devnz\gbpvr\UbuStreamCmd.exe
    Start preview parameters: {channel} -f
    Stop preview executable: C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe
    Stop preview parameters: --one-instance vlc:quit
    zero pad : unchecked
    three digits: unchecked

    EEPG source: XMLTV Plugin
    XMLTV file: C:\Program Files\devnz\gbpvr\UbuStreamEPG.xml

    No Channel changer required

    4) MVP tab
    set "Pre-play delay" to 5000, to give the stream time to start

    Once it is set up, You should be able to pick stations from the TVGuide, and play them just like TV station. But beware!
    Your server will be doing a bit more work, since it has to recieve the stream, transcode it to Mpeg, and save it to disk, then serve the file out to the MVP. I've got an Duron 1600 and it works OK, but the LAN connection has the video coming in and going out at the same time, and may not be able to recieve and serve smoothly.

    Do not be surprised if you see some of the most psychedelic video distortion you can imagine, and audio/video synch problems, and the four second MVP video/audio loop "feature". I've found that pausing the playback to create a reasonable size buffer (10-20 seconds), and skipping backwards (lowest button on the left) sometimes will get the thing synched up and running smoothly. Sometime not though, especially if the stream is choppy to begin with.

    EDIT 12/20/06:
    Changed my setup to GB-PVR 98.13b, VLC 0.8.6, Ubustream 2.0+ bugfix,
    Added audio-sync to improve audio synch and repeat errors..a pause and back-skip is still needed sometimes.
    Changed acodec from mp2a to mpga to keep VLC from crashing sometimes.
    Changed vb from 1024 to 2048 for improved appearance on high quality streams

    EDIT 12/12/08

    Changed my setup to PVRX2, and broke channel mode.
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    AMD Duron 1600 / 640MB / 80GB+200GB
    Hauppauge PVR-150MCE & 3 X MediaMVP (D3A)
    Girder & USB-UIRT -> Samsung SIR-T150 Digital Receiver
    Girder & USB-UIRT -> ChannelMaster 9521 antenna rotator
    UbuStream + CommunitySkin
    100% OTA *no cable, no satellite*

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