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Thread: Don't try this without broadband...

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    Don't try this without broadband...

    MS have made available a pre-release of the next version of Visual Studio (code name Orcas).

    Checkout the maximum possible download size.

    Quick Details
    Version: OrcasJanCTP
    Date Published: 1/10/2007
    Language: English
    Download Size: 50.5 MB - 4950.5 MB*
    *Download size depends on selected download components.


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    Doesn't surprise me. It's just usual Microsoft bloat. I would think that 5 gigs of hard drive space for a bloated Vista complier, is pretty balanced...

    Just keep in mind that some versions of Vista requires 128 gigs of hard drive space, just for the Windows OS. Now that is what I call M$ bloat...
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