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Thread: mvpmc downloads

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    mvpmc downloads

    The following download links for mvpmc are provided for your convenience.

    To check the version you are running either the version or the date is displayed in the About screen on the main menu.

    1. Current mvpmc dongle release 0.3.4 Not Recommended

    Last emulation mode change Nov 2007

    2. Nightly builds Not Recommended

    The mvpmc code is updated nightly (in the New World) at 0700 UTC

    Last emulation mode change Nov 10,1007

    UK Mirror

    Here is a link to what is changing;a=log

    3. Alpha test dongle

    Updates for testing purpose, typically the one I use. Not supported but as functions stabilize they are moved to the nightly.
    If you like it keep it, I typically don't go backwards but let me know anyway. Also read the Changelog to see what is active.

    Emulation mode changes primarily due to help on this forum. Thank you!

    Changes to Nov 10 committed to nightly build. Not Recommended[/B]

    4. Debug version

    mvpmc debug version which must be run from telnet Current with the alpha dongle

    5. GBPVR Version

    As indicated on the survival guide there is a link to

    I will make this link to the version that I think is best for GBPVR users, based on comments on this forum. Equivalent to alpha nightly 2008-05-04.

    6. N-PVR Version and GB-PVR Recommended

    This is the common version of mvpmc for NPVR and GBPVR

    Last change 2011-10-13

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