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Thread: dvd to mpeg issue

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    This is the command line that runs dvddecrypter from VA but it only takes a few seconds to run and it closes. I get a GPF shortly after if I run from GBPVR.

    C:\Program Files\DVD Decrypter\DVDDecrypter.exe" /mode ifo /src D:\ /vts 1 /pgc 1 /demux 0xe0 0x80 0xa0 0x80 /dest "C:\Temp\" /split none /start /overwrite yes
    The run creates four files in c:\temp

    VTS_01 - Stream Information.txt 1kb
    VTS_01_1 - 0x80 - Audio - AC3 - 2ch - 48kHz - DRC.AC3 0kb
    VTS_01_1 - 0xE0 - Video - MPEG-2 - 720x480 (NTSC) - 16~9 - Pan-Scan.M2V 8kb
    VTS_01_0.IFO 18kb

    The files are all fairly small, so it can't be ripping correctly.
    EDIT: THe command switch pgc /1 looks to be the trouble. There are 5 VTS_00 thru VTS_05. Each one has a PGC 1, but for some reason the pgc /1 switch only runs on VTS_00, How does VA determine which VTS to use?
    EDIT AGAIN: Actually it appears the switch vts /1 is probably forcing it to read the wrong vts. Why does it pick only the first vts?
    If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
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    The actual movie may be on another VTS / PCG than the VTS1 /PCG1 I think that are set up in the config. I've had to change the command line parameters for a few movies that are set up this way before running the conversion process. In essence you might be ripping the 10 sec security warning or somthing to that nature. Open DVD decrypter manually and see if you can spot one that should be the correct length for the movie. If it is not the first one then you will have to change the parameters in the config utility.

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