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yep, you can do it. The instructions are on the wiki
In brief summary:
In your PostProcessing.bat file (in the gbpvr installation dir) add a line like so
ProgramImageTool.exe /File %1

Then to move the file and name if Folder.jpg do something like
FOR /F "TOKENS=3 DELIMS=\" %%A IN ("%~dp1") DO copy "media\art\%%A.jpg" "%~dp1\Folder.jpg"

remember that the 3 in TOKENS=3 is the number of subdirectories that your shows get recorded to. (ie c:\RecordedTV\SouthPark\ would be 3)
Ok so put this in PostProcessing.bat. I have never noticed this file before, should I just create it?

ProgramImageTool.exe /File %1
FOR /F "TOKENS=4 DELIMS=\" %%A IN ("%~dp1") DO copy "media\art\%%A.jpg" "%~dp1\Folder.jpg"

My gbpvr is on C:\program files\devnz\gbpvr
but my recdir is e:\GBPVR\recdir\show_name\(actual reecrdings here)

All i have to do is change tokens to 4? it knows to go in the e:?