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    other lcds?

    will this work on any other lcd's?
    any chance i might have a peek at the source, i still can't figure out the events part, so i can build one for other lcds..
    i can get everything but the currently playing video/music,etc...
    i also use smartie and it works fine on my homemade parallel lcd..[4.95$ ]
    [i also like the extras it offers, like cpu graphs and hd usage]


    i turned an old sony vcr into my pvr, and this lcd replaces exactly the built-in lcd so gives a 'stock' look with geek-tech under the hood...this piece is the final step to my mod..just finished getting the slim dvd burner to pop out the vcr tape door.
    the old plugin used to work great, but needed buggy 'my videos' which hosed the whole thing..
    or if your plugin could just pass the info out to the registry for retrieval or a text file, [tho file might frag drives] smartie can take it from there..[it can read registry with plugin]
    and in turn, enable all sorts of displays for your plugin without much hassle..
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