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Thread: Input String was not in a correct format

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    Input String was not in a correct format


    I use the Ubustream 2.2 and GBPVR 0.99.12
    I start GBPVR and go to Ubustream.
    Here i play a video stream...wenn i stop the stream and i go back to the root of GBPVR, i get the error message "Input string was not in a correct format"
    When i stay in ubustrem menu, i dont see an error.

    Ubustream will dont work now and i can not start the config program.
    I must delete the ubustream,xml and copy a saved xml.

    Can anyone help ?

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    I found the problem.
    Wenn i play a stream and exit with ESC, then ubustream write this to the xml file:


    And wenn i go back to the root menu, i get the eror message.
    I have edit the xml file an set it to "0", then ubustream works again !

    Can anyone help ???
    I dont want to use the resum funktion for streams...can i disable this ???

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    sounds like a bug to me.... probably in ubustream, it should have some code to handle resume positions, or more correctly, ignore them
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    What can i do?

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