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Thread: how to use IR server suite with GBPVR

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkennedy75 View Post
    Agreed, very helpful people here at GBPVR.

    I'm using IR Server Suite - Test Build on Windows XP.
    Now is when I wish I never said anything

    Same version that I am running and same O/S on my fully working machine (XP)

    Are you deliberately trying to target different ports on your blaster (IE 2 x different STB's?)


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    So I added -port 1 to the parameter field and fixed the previous problem. I still am having trouble with my setup. For instance, when I request to record channel 70 the tuner actually records channel 70 (ie not recording through the STB). I want the tuner to record channel 3 and then have the blaster request channel 70 on the STB. I believe my blaster is working correctly, I'm just not recording channel 3 with the tuner. There is probably a simple setting somewhere, but I can't figure it out. Thanks.

    Edit: Fixed my problem. I didn't see this in any of the blaster setup threads, so hopefully it will help someone. Config->Capture Source tab->edit->Recording source settings->Source drop-down menu = "Fixed channel, External Tuner" & Constant ch=3 (in my case).
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    I'm getting into this REAL late, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by pBS View Post
    here's my little multi-stb blaster app for IR Server Suite...
    it allows blasting to multiple stb boxes, and has ir port,server,delay,pre-enter,post-enter,and post exit params..
    [i normally blast channel,then enter,then exit to get rid of stb osd quickly- "irblast2 ch# enter=1 exit=1 delay=0"]

    if only 1 stb then normal ir code numbering used,[0.IR, 1.IR, 2.IR, etc..]
    for multiple stb's, prefix each digit with stb name...[eg: dish0.IR, dish1.IR, dish2.IR, etc..] and specify stb=dish for that example...
    can be placed in any dir, gets irss path from registry..uses irblast.exe from irss to blast all in one cmd for speed..
    i've been using for months without a loss yet..

    it really works great if you exit the stb osd afterwards by making an enter.IR and an exit.IR and blasting those after channel changes...

    Is this still available somewhere? I've been scratching my head trying to figure out how to control two STBs with my setup, and just found this in my latest search. But I don't see any app/script attached to your post...

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