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Thread: ICLUpdater.exe crashes

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    ICLUpdater.exe crashes

    Thoughts on why the updater crashes when trying to d/l trailers? It gets as far as downloading text-based info (or appears to when I watch the command line window) but crashes when it gets to the trailers.

    I'm running GBPVR 1.0.16 (because it works for me and PVRX2 doesn't) but the plug-in is the latest rev - just installed it. The Common GBPVR Utilities dll is version 3.0.2563.37655.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Can you post your InternationalCinemaListingsPlugIn2.exe.log file? But before that check you have the latest version of WizUiHelper.dll (plugins/common).

    edit: Are you using GB-PVR.exe? I don't think the plugin will show up in that as it's PVRX2 only...
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