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Thread: New alpha dongle July 16 '08

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    If it was me I would hook it up wired (I assume your version has the wired option?) & get everything working first so I knew what it was meant to look like & how it was meant to react & then go to wireless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khurram View Post
    I will retry tomorrow to reproduce the problem with mvpmc-20080726.bin and will post the logs here.
    I have tried to reproduce the problem (where the I couldnt exit back to mvpmc from emulation mode), but I havent been able to. Maybe I did something wrong at that time. It seems to be ok now.

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    Thanks for the update, it really sounds like the problem was the MVP loaded the flash dongle.

    I missed your question on the whether this version is ok. I use it without problem but a very small minority of mvpmc/MythTV users don't think the file a/v sync has been good since the July nightlies. I haven't had the same reports from GBPVR users and they share the same video play logic.


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