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Thread: VA not working with 1.2.13

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    VA not working with 1.2.13

    Installed 1.2.13 a few days ago & noticed yesterday that Videos had disappeared from the main menu.

    I checked all my settings but couldn't find anything wrong so I uninstalled VA & reinstalled it. Videos now appears on the main menu but when I select it nothing happens.

    The missus is complaining now so unless there is a solution I might have to revert back to 1.2.9

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    same problem

    I to have the same problem, but DVD to mpeg still works. I think Jeff is a little busy with his day job.


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    Sadly I am, and then some. That sai, I have 1.2.13 installed at hoe and the plug-in is working for me. My old PC died so I bought a new one running 64-bit Vista. That has been causing me all sorts of issues so I've had to make a number of tweaks to get things working right. I am traveling on a business trip but I will try to build anr release a version of the plug-in that matches what I have at home when I am back. If you don't see something in a week, please kick me again to get it done.


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    Thanks I'll be waiting.


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    Anything yet?


    Just courious about VA plug-in. Any news??

    Toby O

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    im kicking

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    Another "please-please"

    I'm totally depending on VA, as I have my recordings spanned on multiple drives, and also do quite a lot of cutting and renaming for episode-names (in particular cartoons).

    Hence, I have not upgraded yet.

    Jeff - please upload an update
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