View Poll Results: How do you wake up the PC with a Remote?

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  • I use MCE Remote with USB IR Reciever

    20 24.10%
  • I use MCE Remote with USB IR Reciever (from Hauppauge bundles)

    5 6.02%
  • I use iMon VDF (delivered with some cases like Antec Fusion)

    5 6.02%
  • I use iMon inside

    3 3.61%
  • I use homebrew IR solution (like /

    3 3.61%
  • I use an workaround (like IR remoteable power switches)

    0 0%
  • I use my box 24/7 no need to wake up the machine with a remote

    23 27.71%
  • I use the old style version (stand up, walk to the machine & push the power button)

    19 22.89%
  • I use some other solution not listed, details in post below

    8 9.64%
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Thread: How to wake up PC with Remote

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    MCE remote, s3 standby, PC button to bring in/out of standby. Havent bothered setting up a script to stop it going into standby if its recording, only two of us here + the missus is pretty clued up so no issues with turning it off. I use ParaLED so we can quickly see if tuners are in use.
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    My server is always on and my client uses an IR setup (in my signature) that comes built in with the case.

    I have a question though, can the hauppauge IR remote be programmed to sleep/wake somehow? Isn't it a serial device, sort of?

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    Antec Micro Fusion 350 + iMon 7.64.0930

    The Micro Fusion 350 comes with an iMon LCD display. The power button on the case is connected to the LCD display. The LCD display has a 3-pin POWER SW header which plugs into the motherboard (as with a normal case).

    Amazingly, if you have the iMon software installed, you can get the PC to wake up from most power states (S3, S4, S5) with the RM100 remote that came with the case, but also with an MCE remote (the one that came with my HVR1700)!

    One side note: if you have unplugged the case (a.i. Have had it at G3 power state - mechanical off), and replug than you can't wake with remote. (you will recognize this easily because only back light of the LCD is turned on without the PC started).

    I never got power-on-by-remote working in mythbuntu, only in Windows....


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    I have SoundGraph iMON 2.4G DT:

    It is remote + PCI card.
    It is radio based, so two walls are no problem
    I have no keyboard/mouse connected to HTPC (not even wireless)

    Fully configurable per aplication. Thanks to PC card you can start turned off HTPC, not only wake up.
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    I've got the black one of these but it didn't actually come with the remote which is very annoying. Do you know if the Harmony remotes work without needing the original to learn from? I've never got my screen to do anything useful, mostly windows says that the hardware is disconnected when it clearly isn't, so maybe the remote wouldn't be reliable anyway...

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    Question Problems resuming with MCE remote

    I am having the issue of not being able to resume the machine from the MCE remote. I have a TV (see pic below) which has space and connections in the back for a PC (it doesn't work without one - no inbuilt TV tuners). It came with a MCE remote and built in IR receiver (which has no light to tell me when it receives a signal from the remote ). I have tried to get the remote to turn on the telly (from S3) but with no luck. I am certain that the USB ports are powered in S3 (I have a mouse (with lights on it) that is plugged into a USB port that attaches to the same mobo header as the IR receiver, and the lights come on that when the PC is in S3).

    I am worried though, that my IR receiver runs through a USB hub (this is what it says in windows device manager in "Devices by Connection" view). So in devmgr, it goes
    • Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27CB
    • USB Root Hub
    • Generic USB Hub
    • eHome Infrared Receiver / USB Composite Device (2 seperate entries that then branch below this)

    I am worried about the Generic USB Hub... would this affect MCE IR power on ability? I cannot get rid of the Hub as I am simply presented with a 4 pin USB header plug from the telly's IR unit - the hub must be in the telly's circuitry somewhere.

    I have tried all the normal stuff (e.g. USBBIOSx, checked in devmgr that USB devices are powered and able to resume from standby etc). The PC does resume from a USB mouse-click, which plugged into the same USB headers as the IR.

    Any thoughts or ideas how to get MCE IR Remote S3 turnon working? Also, could someone check their Resources by Connection in devmgr, and see if they have the Generic USB Hub listed in the path down to the IR receiver please, as I read somewhere that en external hub (which this essentially is) messes around with S3 turnon ability.

    Many thanks,


    (Ignore the onscreen... this is a stock photo! )
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