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Thread: Files plugin install problem- not appearing on Main Menu

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    Files plugin install problem- not appearing on Main Menu

    Hi there,

    I've been trying to install the Files plugin on GBPVR 1.2.13 (latest). The install exe runs to completion - skips a few of the DLLs but this is coz they already exists and are current.

    However, when I run config.exe, i don't see the Files plugin in the plugin tab. When I start up PXVR2.exe, it does not appear on the Main Menu.

    Help? guessing i have missed a simple basic step somewhere...
    or is there a limit to the number of plugins that can installed?

    its just that my gbpvr box has been running so well for the past 2 years - i've only just now migrating my set up to the latest gbpvr and plugins


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    It's been a while since I've used the Files plugin but I think all that's required is to move the plugin files from C:\Program Files\Devnz\GBPVR\Plugins\ into a subdirectory, eg C:\Program Files\Devnz\GBPVR\Plugins\FilesPlugin\

    You may need to do what ryanmc did in this thread.

    This is because of changes in more recent versions of GB-PVR. Note the Files plugin (and installer) is over a year old now. It should work fine once the files are in the right places
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