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Thread: Making VA code available as Open Source or similar?

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    Making VA code available as Open Source or similar?

    Hi Jeff.

    As previous posts over the years has indicated, I'm totally dependent on this excellent plugin, that adds to GBPVR what to me is an absolute central functionality in GBPVR.

    As it seems that you will no longer be developing VA, or even using GBPVR, is it possible for you to consider donating the code to the community for someone else to pick up on what to me (and I believe others) is an indispensible plugin.

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    I second that, more than willing to contribute my limited programming skills to resurrect this plugin (its prob in C++ though, doh!) if we can get our hands on the source....

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    I "third" it, if that matters... I'd be willing to at least get it running on the latest version. I have tried the upgrade twice now, not remembering the second time that VA didn't work after the upgrade, which is why I reverted. C++, C#, VB.Net or whatever, shouldn't be too difficult to figure out why it is just not loading. I guess we could always use Reflector if worse came to worse...

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    I agree. Sadly I don't have the skills to help but didn't want anyone to think only three people were dependent on this great interface.


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    Please consider this request

    Jeff, please consider this request. I, along with the others truly consider the functionality that Video Archive brings to GBPVR absolutely essential. Without it, the application does not meet my needs. If you could please donate the source code to the project, I and others would be more than happy to help take over the project to keep VA alive.

    If you don't have time, we completely understand. But, can you help us by at least allowing others to take over where you have left off?


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