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Thread: Screen Saver causing MVP to reboot

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    I spoke too soon...

    "cycle screen savers" is disabled, but it seems it's the Now Playing screen saver that is causing the reboot. The Picture Slideshow comes on fine without causing a reboot.

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    a little help, maybe

    I had this problem about a year ago with the Now Playing Screen Saver, but I'm a little hazy on all the details of how I got past it.
    First thing that I noticed was a conflict between the UltraID3 used by ML2 and the one used in Screen Saver Plugin. Moving them to different folders helped, I had to put Screen Saver's UltraID3 in the weather plugin folder... I don't know why that helped.
    The second thing that made a major difference was making sure all of my MP3s had good album art. Media Monkey has an easy feature to embed the album art in the MP3's and store it as a folder.jpg. I'm not sure which Screen Saver uses as its first choice.

    hope this helps give you something to try...
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