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    Post Gamezone .xml for Mayhem3

    I've been using the Mayhem3 skin for a while now, and love it! I tweaked the Gamezone .xml files a bit and figured some other users might like the way it looks. I haven't tweaked the files for Blue, Slick, or Community3, but it shouldn't be too hard to do if you would really want to.

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    What I did:
    - Custom gbpvr logo(s) for menu (included, but not really related to Gamezone)
    - Custom Task image for Gamezone
    - Custom Title Logo(s) for Gamezone
    - Menu buttons use images from baseskin.xml
    - Menu buttons are closer together (Better for lots of emulators)
    - Changed colors on NoOFFilesLabelImage, NoOFPagesFilesLabelImage, and selectedemulatorlabelImage
    - Custom Saturn.jpg that matches .png files from Maximus Arcade
    - Changed location and size of emulatorIcon
    - Changed GameInfoPopup (not MameInfoPopup) sizes, colors, background, and locations (I think... it was quite a while ago...)

    Just copy and paste the folders inside the zip to the Skin2/Mayhem3/ folder. Make sure to back up all your original files just in case.

    If you want some really nice .png files for emulator icons, head to Maximus Arcade and download the Maximus Arcadius Theme. A little digging after you unzip it, and you should find them.
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