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Thread: StandAlone Filters for GB-PVR (SAF codecs pack)

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    (01.04.11) SAF for GB-PVR and nPVR (SAF codecs pack) 5.00 "final"

    I created small codecs pack for GB-PVR, nPVR and MediaPortal.

    SAF 5.00 *final* available / Changelog

    Using latest SAF6 is recomended!

    More info here:

    What is suported?
    -DVD playback with working navigation (tested on WinXP and Win7x64), higlighted buttons, (remember, some DVD's needs any kind of "on the fly" DVD decrypter like AnyDVD installed to be working correctly. Some DVD - mosty homemade and authorized by Womble software will have broken navigation. This seems to be Womble bug.)
    -LiveTV (MPEG2 + HW deinterlacing)
    -LiveTV (h.264 + HW deinterlacing using DXVA) - send me PM how to enable h.264 support
    -All of standard local video files that FFDshow is capable to decode (video containers AVI,FLV,M2TS,M4V,MKV,MOV,MP4,MPG,WMV - and many other...)
    -If video is DXVA compatible (like h.264) DXVA will be used to decode it if your hardware support it

    Remeber to configure your audio output after SAF install (setup speaker type) - you can do it in window that pop up automatically after SAF install or thrue START menu - SAF - FFDShow Configure audio

    To add support for QuickTime (MOV) format: (NOTE: Not needed in SAF5 !!!)
    SAF already have support for modern MOV with h.264 HD video (typicaly used by Apple trailers). But if you want to play MOV files from cameras, etc, you need to do folowing:
    -install QuickTime alternative runtimes
    -install (reinstall) at last SAF 4.00 RC1 *unlocked*
    -try to play your MOV file. If GB-PVR fails to play or you do not hear audio, rename your file extension from *.MOV to *.MOVSD and hope...

    Make sure you are using:
    VMR9 exclusive under XP and have vsync enabled
    EVR under Vista/Win7 and have Aero+vsync enabled

    After SAF install, configure GB-PVR this way:

    - Cyberlink decoder are available only if SAF is *unlocked*

    SAF 5 setup:

    If you have analog TV source
    -Cyberlink decoder is only available in *unlocked* SAF !!!
    - FFDshow will do auto crop + brightness corection for best looking analog source TV.

    If you have digital TV source
    -Cyberlink decoder is only available in *unlocked* SAF !!!
    -if you have Win7 then using Win7 video decoder is recommended for H.264

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