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Thread: XRecord and transcoding/renaming files

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    XRecord and transcoding/renaming files

    So, I transcoded a .ts file into a .avi file, and full of hope that the renamed file system would also work for XRecord, I moved the .ts file out of the directory, leaving the file with the same name but ending in .avi in its place.

    Restarted pvrx2, and sure enough, XRecord doesn't have that episode anymore.


    So, how do I rename a file and have XRecord not delete it from Ready?

    (And if you can, can you also comment on the CDKScheduler/Multi-Record TS-MUX awareness, if any? Will CDKScheduler do the right thing in the case of multi-record?

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    I don't know what method you used to perform the transcoding but if you remove a file, gbpvr has a feature to remove recordings with missing files from the recordings database. Is it gone from pvrx2's ready list as well? I've never transcoded anything but there are a few places on the wiki that explain transcoding if you search.

    I've never tried XRecord's transcoding feature but I assume it's buggy and fixing it is already on my todo list but at the bottom since nobody has ever asked for it since I took over XRecord.
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