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Thread: Netflix - My Watch now queue

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    Netflix - My Watch now queue

    I love the Netflix plugin and my only comment which has noting to do with the developer and more with the amount of content.

    Is it possible to have the option to display my Watch Now Queue that I build on Netfilix. I have the Xbox 360 which uses Netflix and it only displays my Watch Now Queue. At first I did not like the idea of not being able to search but Now I find it easier to add to my Queue at and I just have to go to one place to find the videos I want.

    Maybe an option is the setup where I can view everything or just my Watch Now.

    Thank you;

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    I hope whurlston won't mind me speaking for him a little:

    The Watch Now Queue did not exist when he originally wrote the plugin.

    He is currently working on an update to the plugin to keep it functional for now, and is also working on a complete re-write of the plugin. I don't know whether this will be addressed in the update of the current plugin, but the re-write will undoubtedly include the Watch Now Queue.

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    That's good enough for me! Since I am not a programmer all I can do is hope.

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    Sorry, I was hoping to get something out this weekend but I've been swamped. Migrating a server with 60+ domains and 200+/- emails has been fun.

    I am going to have something out this week though. If it is not a complete working plugin, it will at least be most of the code so that other developers can help me to finish and maintain.

    Johnson is right, I am at least trying to repair the existing code so that we can have a working plugin, and then I will be working on the v2 plugin. Adding the instant queue option now will be easy since there is now an RSS feed for it.

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