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Thread: No Download Streams Available

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    No Download Streams Available

    Tried to get this plugin up and running.

    Installed the latest version and the patch, then got this error when trying to download a movie.

    "There was an error while downloading. No download streams available."

    Anyone know what is up?

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    Do you have Silverlight installed? Did you try to watch with internet explorer, login and save you username and password? I think when you say download, you actually mean play. You cant download movies anymore, they stream through silverlight.

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    I have the same thing. My GF acidentally joined that silverlight piece of shit and now nothing works. I changed the player to silverlight (and kiosk mode whatever that means, i tried both ways). When I go to select a show I don't see Watch option I only see Download (like before i was on silverlight). Once I click on it however I get the same dreaded error that the OP is getting as well. I know I must be doing something simple wrong but it's driving me nuts (as I am sure you can tell )

    Thank you for your help!

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    You're not doing anything wrong. I know there is an issue with series/collections with the current release that can cause this. There is also an issue with the list not having been updated recently. I'm working on it but due to personal trials the past few months, I've not been able to work on it as much as I would like. Hopefully, things are behind me now and I can get back to working on it and have a new release out soon.

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    Oh ok, thank you. Now I know that that everything is working (or not working ) the way it's supposed to. I was getting really frustrated thinking I am doing something wrong.

    Take your time and thanks for an awesome plug in!

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