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Thread: QAM scheduling questions with Xrecord

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    QAM scheduling questions with Xrecord

    I’ve been using two 150 MCE’s recording analog signals for several years with great results. I use the scheduler in the Xrecord plugin to record shows. I’m thinking of making the jump to digital by adding a HVR-1600 or HVR-1250 to take advantage of QAM recording capabilities. Ideally I want the digital tuner to record as many shows as possible. I have a couple questions:

    1) In the Xrecord scheduler I can select a tuner for a specific show. If I select the digital tuner for a specific show, does that mean it will ONLY record with the digital tuner or is that tuner just the “first choice”?

    2) Currently I have 1 min pre-padding and 2 min post-padding setup for all shows. If I record two shows back-to-back on the same channel, the first show will record on tuner 1 and second show will record on tuner 2 due to the couple minute overlap because of the pre/post padding. I would like to record both shows with the digital tuner. Is this possible? Would I need to setup specific pre/post padding for each scheduler entry?

    I’m curious others experiences scheduling digital tuner recordings as much as possible. Thank you.

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    If you look in the Priorityrecordings.xml file, there is an attribute called force on the CaptureSource element and also for a more global setting you can play with the DefaultForce element.
    <CaptureSource force="no">1</CaptureSource>
    I don't personally have any digital tuners.

    There's another thread here about CDK Scheduler and digital tuners.
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