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Thread: .dat files when making recording

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    .dat files when making recording

    I have just come back to GBPVR after running MediaCenter for a 1,5 year.

    Before I always used Xrecord since I like the way one can add info about the recording after it has been made in the .dat file

    No when I start a recording from XGuide - no dat file is created - have I forgot something that need to be set?

    (I found the to press ctrl S and choos Export all to create .dat on all recordings that still have data in GBPVR database - but is there a setting to always create the .dat file when recording starts?

    another question - what was the difference between movies and videos?
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    I only know about .dat files being created when recordings are exported or archived. There is an auto-archive feature now though if you search the forums on how to turn it on.

    I think the only difference is that Movies doesn't have a delete button so you put more permanent stuff in there that you want to keep. There's a setting to have a delete button in the Videos or not.
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