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Thread: 1080p24 support

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    1080p24 support

    I just had a PM about 1080p24 support, please try and ask questions on the public forum.

    Anyway since mvpmcx2 can't support 1080p24 files and these aren't typical broadcast mpeg-ps/ts quality anyway I made the decision not to support it directly. Specify
    -m 1080p on the command line to overide an unsupported option. Only PAL/NTSC and 50/59/60 Mhz are currently supported.

    When mvpmcx2 plays mkv, avi's, wmv and m2ts (when GB-PVR supports these) formats these files will be passed to the NMT player and play properly with the higher settings.


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    As discussed here I strongly support that feature option of switching HDMI output resolution+refreshrate+aspect based on source material.

    Meaning for example that if broadcast is in 576i PAL 16:9 then output is also in 576i 16:9, if input is 1080p24 then output is also output 1080p24.

    It's important so that we can bypass the deinterlacing / scaling circuits in PCH so that for scaling doesn't happen twice and we can use video processing circuitry found external videoprocessors/tv for better deinterlacing.

    I'd say 576i 480i support is the part that I miss most, because the deinterlacing is more difficult (and poorly done in sigma) and thats where the difference is most obvious.

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