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Thread: Missing GameZone Menu

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    Missing GameZone Menu

    I'm not seeing a menu item for GameZone. What am I missing?

    GBPVR 1.3.11, GameZone 2.9.6

    -Dropping GameZone.dll into C:\Program Files\Devnz\GBPVR\Plugins\GameZone
    -Configuration works just fine
    -There's a GameZone directory in every skin folder (blue, slick), with the skin.xml file
    -Running the Community Skin 4, which has a GameZone directory for the skin, no menu item
    -Tried all the other skins, no menu item

    It's something really obvious, but I can't figure it out.

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    Did you use the installer? as there is quite a few other files that gamezone uses. and presumably you went to the config applet and configured gamezone?

    if yes to all above, can you send your logs files, make sure you have set to debug and start up gbpvr then exit I need the pvrx2.exe.log, and best off also sending config.exe.log

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