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Thread: Defaults back to internal viewer from Silverlight & icon view crash

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    Defaults back to internal viewer from Silverlight & icon view crash

    Hello all,
    whenever I try to select Silverlight as the player and click ok.
    I go back to the plugin later and it defaults back to internal player.

    And IE plays movies with Silverlight fine outside of gbpvr.

    The second issue is if I use the icon view for the plugin, pvrx2 crashes to the desktop after I select a movie for more information.
    I can get the information fine with any of the other views (details, list, etc.)

    Finally, where do I find my Personal RSS ID?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Do you have kiosk mode box checked? And, outside of GBPVR Netflix plugin, login to netflix using IE, make sure you check "remember me". You will have to do this everytime you clear your cookies. I use CCleaner to clean my cookies, but i have it leave beind.

    Your RSS feed ID can be found by logging into, at the bottom of the page you should see the site links there and should be "RSS" listed, click that, then scroll down to "Personalized Feeds", your ID is everything after the "=" , probably starts with a "P".
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