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Thread: Can I import my .mvc file to moviewiz?

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    Question Can I import my .mvc file to moviewiz?

    Kind of a noob to gbpvr(btw its awesome). Running an old p4 ht w 2 gigs of ram a 750 and a 1500 hd and an ATI all-in-wonder hd. mostly use for movies(avi's and such) I have everthing in my collectorz software I'd like to just import it to gbpvr and moviewiz. moviewiz gets some movies correct but not all and I have a lot of obscure stuff that was scanned and hand entered. don't want to do it all again(yes I'm lazy) any help would be great

    Thanks in advance,

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    Nevermind I misunderstood question.

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    I don't have the "collectorz software" so I don't know how it stores its data. Do you have any information on that?

    If so, if you could provide a little documentation and/or the source data, I'll take a look at writing a little conversion utility.
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