I upgraded to 1.4.7 last weekend and have a few mvpmc issues since (i think-more later). At first live tv seems ok but I notice the odd glitch or momentary black screen after which the lip syc gets a bit out...after about 10 minutes it eventually black screens with a re-boot being required to get back to gbpvr.
In days gone past I would have put this down to poor signal, but this was using DVB-S which I've never really had issues with. Also on DV-T channel changes without going back to gbpvr menu sometimes cause the same symptoms.
The ony but...in all this is that I changed my network router at around the same time....so it could be related..but if anything it should be beter than before but you never know with these things. Logs attached the black scren happend somewhere around 17:50 (maybee 1 minute before to 5 minutes after that exact point)

I tried the latest nightly build...the same. I cant try the haupp dongle cos I'm streamin TS.

Oh by the way I gave up on web cam